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Here, we have tried to answer most of your queries regarding "DGRestro", still if you come up with something new, do not hesitant to contact us. We would be more than happy to oblige you.

What is "DGRestro", the restaurant menu app?

"DGRestro" is next generation innovative tab menu system that surpasses the obsolete paper menu and provides a unique experience to both, customers and restaurant owners. Not only it enhances the customer experience and delivers eye-catching graphics, it also has the potential to dramatically improve sales, while also reducing the operating cost.

Why I need "DGRestro" the electronic menu?

With our revolutionary solution "DGRestro", it's never been easier to handle customer more effectively, get rid of printing menu every time in case of menu-price changes, unlimited exposure, quick turnaround time and most prominently provide your customers a digital experience.

Do I need to appoint technical staff to manage "DGRestro"?

"DGRestro", offers so simple interface that anyone with no technical background can handle it. Menu creation, uploading images, defining price and all is very quick and simple.

How does the "DGRestro", works?

The working style of "DGRestro" is simple without any technical glitch. Once the guest arrives they have the freedom to choose table and sitting area, then they order the food for which KOT is printed. Food is served without any delay and once the dining is finished, customer selects the payment option, fills the review and checks out. One smooth system that wipes out all manual error and works like magic for your restaurant! ( Click here to know more about How DGRestro works )

"DGRestro" is made for what kind of restaurants?

Our Digital menu software "DGRestro" is fully decorated with features that is suitable for any restaurant, coffee shop or bistro irrespective of their size. Any dining or wine places can use it with ease that offers an unforgettable experience to your customers.

What kind of Technical support "DGRestro" offers?

"DGRestro" offers 24/7/365 Online Technical Support. At the time of installation our support staff will visit at your place for training and there after if any assistance is required, we will be available for online support.

How much I need to pay to start using "DGRestro"?

As restaurant differ, so as their need! Hence we have chalked out different pricing plan. Choose the best suitable plan as per your restaurant requirement. ( Click here to know more about Pricing )